Hello stars,

My name is Jenna and I'm the heart and soul behind Musings from the Moon.  Here you'll find a collection of magical and healing artworks inspired by the heart. 

My love for art and words began to unravel in my personal journal and soon became a loving passion and gentle way to remind me to breathe.

I think of Musings as unique, delicate works that portray pretty mystic intricacies, philosophical journeys and all things self-loving. I always hope that they bring a sense of calm and contentment to you, just as you are in this moment.

I am inspired by nature, the moon, natural therapies, mediation and my own self-exploration to name a few. I work in black fine liner as well as gouache and watercolour to bring my artworks to life.

I love creating commissioned and original pieces, so say hello if you'd like a special and unique artwork for someone you love (that includes yourself!)

Wishing you beautiful days,